When going back is not part of the plan anymore 

It’s not easy to find the courage to let everything around you go. It’s easy to pack your luggage, buy a ticket and head to another country. What’s hard is to face your new reality when you start to realize that you don’t really belong to the place where you lived most of your life.

When you leave you must be prepared to reinvent yourself, to accept that the “now or never” has come, and that you will have to find yourself, to know yourself, and to define who you want to be – even if you think you have already shaped who you are.

It’s time to get rid of certain habits, and to build stronger wings that will help you take off in one of the most important flights of your life. It’s time to look past prejudices and learn once and for all the meaning of respect.

Moving to another country is often a reason to scape from problems, until you find yourself surrounded by thousands of others.

It’s like being on a roller coaster when you are afraid of heights. The first months bring that same feeling of going up: excitement, happiness, pride in making it there. However, you wake up one day and realize that rebuilding your life is not as easy as you thought; it’s hard, tiring and exhausting. But you are already at the top; the investment was too high, your friends, your family and everyone who stayed behind is there, watching you from afar. You can’t turn off the engine, you are too scared to ask to get off. You smile and hide the despair. You close your eyes and go. Scared and unsure if it’s going to work out.

Some people give up after the first drop. Others get used to the adrenaline and keep going. Because there is nothing better than finding out that you can do it.

Living abroad is not about recognizing your limits, it’s about stretching them a little more, day after day. It’s realizing that you can go much further. It’s about working hard to be noticed in a place where you feel like you are just “one more person”, and to recognize that being that person can mean a lot to those who once were no one.

Living abroad is to give birth to a new “you”, it’s like being your own parent. It’s to struggle to get by on your own and to be proud of the person you have become. It’s to accept that you will never be the same and to have enough courage to decide that going back is not part of your plans anymore.

P.s: The original version of this article was published on March 27, 2015 and It has got over 120k views so far. 

4 comentários sobre “When going back is not part of the plan anymore 

  1. Wagner

    Simply perfect!

    Me and my fiance are going do our change, our decision is done and we are on our way to there. If everything going to be alright, we will be there next year!

    Thank you for sharing your thought!

  2. Luanda

    Oi Aritta! Provavelmente você não vai lembrar de mim…estudamos juntas no Cariza.
    Vi seu blog num compartilhamento da Betina e estou lendo e adorando!
    Por enquanto, esse é o meu texto preferido. É como se vc tivesse traduzido o que sinto com relação a morar fora.
    Te desejo todo o sucesso!! 🙂

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