One day I dreamed about this 

It was a cold November afternoon, back in 2013, when I told my friend Mateus that one day I was going to visit Asia. 
We weren’t even talking about our dreams or aspirational vacations, it just fell out of my mouth. I had been toying with the idea for months. 

I had no idea how I would get there, since my financial situation was precarious. I wasn’t sure how I would make my dream of travelling to Cambodia come true, but l believed that if there is a will, there must be a way. 

Almost two years later, in March 2015, I wrote a chronicle  about the experience of living abroad. A couple hours later the article was being shared all over the world. 

It was read by Brazilians living in Europe, in Australia, Central America, in Asia (!!!) places that I had never imagined I could reach. In a certain way I had already gotten there…I had gotten way further than I thought it was possible.

It was because of that article that I first got paid for my writings. 

And it was that first payment that helped me buy tickets to Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. It was finally happening! 

That silly, but somehow powerful, article brought new people into my life, new job opportunities and helped me reconnect with my ex boyfriend – now husband. 

It was on that March day, sitting on a bus on my way to school that I wrote something that thousands of people could relate to. Most importantly than going viral, that article made me realize that I could conquer the world – one step at a time. I only had to believe in my ability to go further, getting to any place I had wished to get.  

I am part of the team that is not afraid of failure, that’s one of the reasons why I’ve gotten so much from life. 

It doesn’t change anything if you only dream, complain, cry, pray, desire something a lot if you don’t believe you are able to get it, and most importantly, if you don’t take the risk. 

Do no spend too much time planning, do not overthink or focus on all the things that could possible go wrong. 

Don’t you think that losing time just dreaming about it and not doing anything is already a huge mistake? Go ahead, take the next step. Just do it.
P.s: This is a translation of an article I wrote in Portuguese a few days ago. The original version you can find here

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